FibreTrace®: Verified vs. Mapped

FibreTrace®: Verified vs. Mapped

Hey there, eco-conscious fashionistas! Today, we're delving into the world of fashion transparency with two cutting-edge tools – FibreTrace® Verified and FibreTrace® Mapped. Let's explore the fascina ting differences that make transparency a breeze!

FibreTrace® Verified: The Power of Science-Backed Truth Imagine a fashion detective armed with DNA scanning technology. That's FibreTrace® Verified! With meticulous precision, it uncovers the real story behind your garments, ensuring every step of the supply chain is validated and verified. No room for guesswork – just solid evidence that you can trust.

FibreTrace® Mapped: The Self-Reporting Adventure Now, let's dive into FibreTrace® Mapped – the friendly sidekick to FibreTrace® Verified. It offers a digital chain of custody that's accessible to brands and suppliers. Here's the twist – it's self-reported by the manufacturing companies. While this grants transparency, it also means they could put in whatever they like.

Embrace Transparency, No Excuses What sets FibreTrace® Mapped apart is that it's absolutely free. Companies have no excuses to keep their supply chain opaque. It's time for the fashion industry to step into the light and be accountable for their practices.

 As you venture into the world of sustainable fashion, choose transparency and make informed choices. FibreTrace® Verified ensures you get the full story, backed by science and data. While FibreTrace® Mapped is accessible and a great starting point, remember that self-reporting allows some flexibility in the narrative. So, let's raise the fashion transparency bar and celebrate guilt-free choices! Check out FibreTrace® Verified in action for this sustainable tee

Happy tracing!

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