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About Us

When we conceived The Fision, a single phrase came to mind, radically transparent. Our team is comprised of industry veterans and fueled by a desire to communicate the truth about the environmental and societal costs of the current apparel industry. Without transparency, achieving a sustainable, accountable and ethical fashion industry is not possible.​ Our team is guided by a mission to be a force for good:

  • to encourage a more sustainable and circular apparel model
  • to be at the forefront of legitimate transparency in the fashion sector
  • to hold ourselves accountable from the inside out
  • to showcase what is possible utilizing tomorrow’s technologies today
  • to inspire change through education

With our north star plotted, we created The Fision, a 100% traceable apparel company that is reimagining the industry's value chain to minimize its effect on the planet while positively impacting society through authenticity, transparency and education. A clean future for the fashion industry is not only possible but essential.

The Fision provides T-shirts with a purpose, that you’ll not only look good in, but equally important, feel great about wearing. We put intention into each and every step of our process, working with partners who are as innovative and passionate about the planet as we are. From regenerative farming to blockchain technology, from traceable packaging created from ocean bound plastic pollution to our unique ‘Ownership by All’ company structure, we look at everything we do in an effort to push boundaries for a more positive and sustainable future. We will continue to innovate and share what we uncover in our quest to develop a fully sustainable and circular apparel model. 

The future of fashion is transparent, and we hope you’ll join us to #WearTheChange.

The Partners

  • Josh Gelder

    Josh Gelder

    The Fisionary

    Josh leads the creation and execution of The Fision utilizing his passionate and inclusive leadership style
  • Scott Herckis

    The Count

    Scott pays the bills, counts the beans and measures our environmental impact
  • Cristina Hernandez

    The Creator

    Cristina designs our sustainable t shirts and makes sure they are cool and responsible
  • Tom Kanach

    The Genius

    Tom ensures cutting-edge technology solutions are utilized to be more efficient and reduce waste