Step into Nostalgic Summer with The Fision's Barbie® Inspired Y2K Razr Pink Tees

Step into Nostalgic Summer with The Fision's Barbie® Inspired Y2K Razr Pink Tees

Get ready to relive the iconic era of flip phones and sunny days with The Fision's Y2K inspired Razr Pink Tees! These tees are not only bright and fun, but they also embrace sustainability with style.


Sustainable Style at Its Best

The Fision's commitment to sustainability is evident in every detail. Crafted with 80% Climate positive Good Earth Cotton® and 20% Recycled Cotton, these tees make a positive impact on the planet.

Traceability and Transparency

The QR code on each garment reveals the traceability data, allowing you to know the journey of your tee. Made in the USA and dyed with non-toxic materials, you can feel good about every aspect of these tees.

Versatile Silhouettes for Every Look

Choose from two fabulous styles - Olivia, a slim-fit V-neck with a classic 2000s silhouette, or Izzy, a boxy and cropped tee that pairs perfectly with your favorite low-rise jeans.

A Sustainable Fashion Statement

The Fision's Barbie® inspired Y2K Razr Pink Tees prove that sustainable basics can be both fun and fashionable. Start building your sustainable wardrobe foundation with this vibrant, Barbie® inspired pink tee.

Pink for Everyone

Whether you adored Barbie® growing up or simply love a bright and sunny hue, this tee is perfect for anyone seeking a touch of playful nostalgia. Wear it to the beach, in your dream car, or while catching the Barbie® movie!

Relive the 2000s in style - grab your Barbie® inspired Y2K Razr Pink Tee from The Fision and make a sustainable fashion statement this summer!

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