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The Fision

Tom Crew Neck T-Shirt Navy

Tom Crew Neck T-Shirt Navy

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  • Climate Positive Cotton
  • Ethical + Traceable Supply Chain
  • Recycled + Low Carbonfoot Print Packaging
  • Take-Back Program
  • No Plastic Microfibers
  • Durable + Long Lasting

Meet Tom, the coolest, smartest tee you'll ever own! Tom is made with 80% carbon-sequestered Good Earth Cotton® and 20% recycled cotton. Like your favorite pair of jeans, he’s meant to be broken in and will only get better with time. Plus, with a QR code at his hem, you can trace the entire supply chain. And, thanks to blockchain technology, you can trust that Tom is as ethical and transparent as it gets!  The Fision’s fabrics and garments are knit, cut, sewn and dyed all in Los Angeles. So you’ll not only look good in Tom, but more importantly, feel great about wearing him.

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Model is wearing a size M.

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect Fit, Incredibly Comfortable, and Good for the Planet

Can't imagine a better set of reasons for buying an item of clothing. I have bought countless T-Shirts that just don't fit right for one reason or another, whether it's the length, the way the arms fall, the cut in the waist relative to that of the chest, the shape of the neck or just the way it drapes on me. The Tom T-Shirt is literally perfect in every area. And on top of that, the weight and feel of the Good Earth Cotton they use is amazing and really comfortable. Totally soft and light enough to move well but not so much that it's clingy and without structure. Finally, you know exactly where it came from and how they made it. There are so many false claims out there from clothing companies that throw buzz words around without any real meaning. It's refreshing and encouraging to see one that is truly committed to transparency and sustainability. And when you watch the video accessible through the QR code on the shirt and/or read about the problem on the Fision website, you'll not only find it shocking how big of a problem the fashion industry has become, but you'll understand why this approach is so brilliant, ground breaking, and important. And that makes the QR code on the shirt a truly meaningful brand statement on top of adding a nice style element. Bravo to The Fision on all fronts. I'm buying more.

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